Scenery Disks

This section contains all known scenery disks for Flight SImulator II on DSK format disk images.  There are 12 Regional scenarios for the continental United States, one for San Francisco, Hawaii, Europe and possibly a few others.  Anyone with regions not in this section are encouraged to contact us and submit copies of them.

Note:  When changing trom a Scenery Disk back to lhe Flight Simulator Il disk, you must enler lhe edtor (press ESC). swap disks. and then exit the editor. wilh the Flighl Simulator ll disk in the disk drive.

Changing from a Scenery Disk backto the Flighi Simulator lldisk and then pressing CTRL E, as described in the Scenery Disk documentation, may work but sometimes may cause the simulation lo crash. tf this happens, you will have to re-boot the Fs2 disk.

Changing lrom one Scenery Disk lo another using CTBL E does work as described in the documentation.  Just make sure you go inlo the editor before switching back to the Flighl Simulator lt disk.

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